Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Canvas ''Christmas Mail''

Hello Everybody!

This is Karen Tremblay and I am so excited about this post because it's actually the first post in my blog! I want to apologize to the visitors of my blog from personal computers (I know pictures look a little too big, but I'm still figuring out how to edit my blog on this site) visit from a cell phone for a better view of this blog please.

Today, I'm going to be sharing my canvas project ''Christmas Mail'', inspired by the MORE THAN WORDS BLOG CHALLENGE. This month's challenge is ''traditions''. When I saw what the challenge was about and all of the inspiration provided by the design team I thought about my childhood, when I used to write Santa a letter every Christmas telling him how good of a girl I was and what I wished to get. Now I think about it and I remember how fun it was. Today, I have my own family and I decided to pass that tradition to my child just to keep his Christmas spirit alive and exciting.

For the handmade part, I made my own embellishments which consisted of a tiny little ''message in a bottle''. This embellishment represents the message I would write to somebody who was very far and very close at the same time, in this case Santa.

I also made a handmade Tag with the number ''25'' stamped numerous times throughout the tag making it a beautiful design along with other stamps.

Here's some more pictures of my canvas.

I hope you guys like my interpretation for this challenge, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you!
Karen Tremblay